We support customers in developing a wide range of devices and equipment, including pMDI valves and actuators, continuous valves, dry powder inhalers, nasal delivery devices, pMDI and nasal filling system, and customizable drug delivery system solutions.

pMDI Drug Delivery System

We understand your market drivers. The combination of primary and secondary research allows us to help you further understand the needs of your target consumers. Our laboratories understand the importance of functionality, compatibility and risk mitigation, and we offer laboratory testing services to help you choose the best solution for your products:


pMDI Filling Services

The best way to bring concepts into reality is cooperating with our team of visionary designers and engineers who constantly push the envelope to create truly personalized, customized solutions that make your products stand out.


Innovative Design

The best way to bring your concepts to life is to collaborate with our visionary team of designers and engineers. We constantly challenge the limits and create truly customized solutions to make your product stand out.


Technical Consulting

We provide technical support to assist in the design and development of customized filling equipment for new products. We also provide immediate solutions to ensure a seamless transition into production.


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